Financial Aid to help you earn your degree

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Earning your degree is an investment of time and resources, and we’re here to help you make it work. With the help of grants, scholarships, and other financial aid, you can invest in a high-quality education at John Brown University. In fact, US News and World Report ranked JBU a best value school and a top regional university for 2019.  

Select a program to learn more about your financial options

Financial Aid for On-Campus Undergraduate students

亚洲高清aⅴ日本欧美视频|国产在线视频免费观看|真人抽搐一进一出gifFor recent high school graduates and transfer students seeking the traditional college experience at our main campus.

Financial Aid for Online Undergraduate students

亚洲高清aⅴ日本欧美视频|国产在线视频免费观看|真人抽搐一进一出gifFor working adults who have some college credit and are looking to finish their bachelor's degrees online.

Financial Aid for Graduate students

For students seeking to earn their master's degrees online or at one of our campus locations.