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Choosing a college is a big decision.

Your admissions counselor is here to help.

亚洲高清aⅴ日本欧美视频|国产在线视频免费观看|真人抽搐一进一出gifYour JBU admissions counselor is a personal resource for all things related to choosing a college and coming to JBU. They're here to help you navigate all the details. 

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Most people should be able complete the application in just 15 minutes. If you haven't met your counselor yet, they'll reach out at this point.


Find out if JBU is right for you. You'll experience what makes JBU different and meet your counselor in person.

Make an informed decision

亚洲高清aⅴ日本欧美视频|国产在线视频免费观看|真人抽搐一进一出gifWork with your counselor to feel confident in your decision. They'll help you work through all the details, including financial aid.

Get peace of mind when you make an early decision

The Early Commit Track is an accelerated admissions process that allows serious students to commit to JBU as soon as October, 2019. In addition to the peace of mind it offers, you get a few other perks including early registration and priority housing.

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Finish your degree at JBU

Your transfer situation is unique, and that's why your admissions counselor is prepared to help you navigate the process at JBU.

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International & MK admissions

亚洲高清aⅴ日本欧美视频|国产在线视频免费观看|真人抽搐一进一出gifFind out how the admissions process works for international and MK students. 

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Home educated students

Because you may not have a high school guidance counselor to turn to we've put together some helpful information just for home educated students. 

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Admissions information for parents

亚洲高清aⅴ日本欧美视频|国产在线视频免费观看|真人抽搐一进一出gifWe've collected information and links that are of particular interest to parents.

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Información de Admisión para padres

Hemos recolectado información que le puede ser de mucha ayuda e interés a padres.

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Access your Applicant Portal

亚洲高清aⅴ日本欧美视频|国产在线视频免费观看|真人抽搐一进一出gifAfter you've applied, use your Applicant Portal to stay on top of the admissions process. You can check for items we need from you, upload documents and see where you are in the process.

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Admission requirements and process

For admission, we require a 2.5 high school GPA (on a 4.0 scale) and either a 20 ACT, 1020 SAT or 66 CLT score. We do not score the writing portions of these tests.

If you are a transfer student, please see the Transfer Admissions page亚洲高清aⅴ日本欧美视频|国产在线视频免费观看|真人抽搐一进一出gif for your unique admission requirements.

We have a rolling application deadline for the fall semester. If you're applying for the spring semester, the deadline is December 1.

We do not use a superscore (taking the best scores if students take the ACT or SAT multiple times) for acceptance. However, once accepted, we will calculate your superscore for academic scholarships.

The JBU Admissions Process

Frequently asked questions

Eagle Base Camp

Eagle Base Camp is JBU's summer registration event. It's a fun two-day experience that'll help you prepare for your transition to JBU in the fall. You'll register for classes and learn more about the details of being a JBU student. Parents are encouraged to attend.

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Dual Enrollment Application

Scholarship Application

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