Campus Visits

Pick a date • Experience life at JBU • Know if we're the right fit

How can you know if JBU is right for you?

• Will I fit in?

• What are the professors like?

• Are the residence halls nice?

• Will JBU help me get a good job?

• Is the food good?

• What's there to do?

• What is class like?

• What is chapel like?

• What's it like to be a JBU student?

Pick a date

亚洲高清aⅴ日本欧美视频|国产在线视频免费观看|真人抽搐一进一出gifCome for a Preview Day or schedule a Personal Visit when it's most convenient for you.

Experience life at JBU

Get an authentic glimpse into everyday life as a JBU student. 

Know if we're the right fit

亚洲高清aⅴ日本欧美视频|国产在线视频免费观看|真人抽搐一进一出gifAfter you've seen campus and spoken candidly with students and professors, you'll know if JBU is right for you.

What kind of visit should I choose?

Preview Day

Individual Visit

Set dates (see below)

亚洲高清aⅴ日本欧美视频|国产在线视频免费观看|真人抽搐一进一出gifCan be scheduled for almost any day of the year

Overnight event

Overnight or day visit

Option to stay in a residence hall (traditionally aged students only)

Option to stay in a residence hall (traditionally aged students only)

亚洲高清aⅴ日本欧美视频|国产在线视频免费观看|真人抽搐一进一出gifOpportunity to connect with other prospective JBU students and families


Semi-flexible schedule designed to help you experience as much of JBU as possible:

  • Hang out with a JBU student ambassador 
  • Worship in the Gathering, JBU's student-led chapel
  • Attend sessions on Admissions, Financial Aid and Campus Life
  • Choose from a select list of classes to attend
  • Get an overview of JBU from President Pollard
  • Take a campus tour
  • Explore academic options at the Majors Fair

Entirely custom schedule built around your needs and interests. Choose from:

  • Class visits
  • Campus tour
  • Chapel
  • Lunch with a student 
  • Music auditions
  • Athletic tryouts
  • Meeting with Student Support Services
  • and more

亚洲高清aⅴ日本欧美视频|国产在线视频免费观看|真人抽搐一进一出gif$10 per guest

No cost

Includes dinner on Sunday and breakfast and lunch on Monday

亚洲高清aⅴ日本欧美视频|国产在线视频免费观看|真人抽搐一进一出gifAppropriate meals included based on your requested schedule

Interested in bringing a group? Email Tori Ledbetter at

2019–2020 Preview Day Dates

Click a date to register. View a sample schedule.

Fall 2019

Spring 2020

September 15–16

October 13–14

October 13–14: NWA Latino Preview Day

October 27–28

October 27–28: Texas Fly-in

November 17–18


December 8–9



What to bring for your visit

We suggest you wear nice, casual clothes.

If you are spending the night on campus, please bring:

  • sleeping bag
  • pillow
  • towel
  • toiletries

Contact information and other details

Please contact the Associate Director of Enrollment Events, Tori Ledbetter, at or 479-524-7161.

Find out if JBU is the right fit

Come for a campus visit and experience life at JBU.